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Follow these five steps to booking a bargain Sun Holiday from £9.50 and you’ll soon be able to escape on a great bargain break.

Step 1: Read 20 Things All Sun Holiday Fans Should Know.

Step 2: Collect SEVEN differently-numbered tokens from those we are printing every day in the Sun.

Step 3:Holidays from £9.50 can be taken on selected dates between September 15 and December 19, 2014. 

TO BOOK BY POST: Complete all of the booking form carefully. You can include up to EIGHT PEOPLE. Select FOUR parks from the 197 listed and FOUR holiday dates from the list. If you can holiday at ANY park in a particular region, or start your holiday on more than four dates, indicate so in the relevant spaces. If you require wheelchair access accommodation, which may be limited, please attach a separate note to your form.

TO APPLY ONLINE: You will need SEVEN different CODE WORDS, one is printed on every token, to access the online application site. You’ll also need FOUR holiday park selections and FOUR holiday start dates from those available, your party details and a credit or debit card. Then go to follow the simple instructions. We’ll let you know within minutes if your application has been successful, and which park and date you have been allocated. There is a £2.25 credit/debit card charge for using the Apply Online service if your application is successful. We regret that we cannot accept special requests such as disabled accommodation through the online application service.

Step 4: For postal applications, when you have filled in all the details on the booking form, attach your TEN tokens. Forms with no tokens will be void. Staple or clip the full holiday payment of £9.50 per adult, child and infant plus 60p to cover postage, to the booking form. If you require holiday insurance please add £9.50 for UK breaks or £26.50 for European breaks, which covers your whole party. Do not include payment for Entertainment or Clubroom passes, Service Charges or Luxury Caravan upgrades. For two, three or four people sharing accommodation a Holiday from £9.50 costs £38.60 (inc. postage) or £48.10 with UK insurance/£65.10 with European insurance. Five sharing totals £48.10 (or £57.60/£74.60), six sharing is £57.60 (or £67.10/£84.10), seven sharing is £67.10 (or £76.60/£93.60) and eight sharing is £76.60 (or £86.10/£103.10). Make cheques or postal orders payable to UK HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN. Write your name and address on the back of your cheque. Retain postal order counterfoils - you will need these to cash the postal orders if we have to return your payment for any reason. Please do not send cash. Make sure you keep a record of your selected parks and dates. Keep the details safe in case we have to contact you for further information. Send your completed form with ten differently-numbered tokens and full payment by cheque or PO, including 60p to cover postage, to UK Holidays in The Sun, PO Box 1811, Colchester, Essex, CO2 8LF.

Demand will be huge so send off as soon as possible once you collect your seventh token. Closing date is Friday, September 26, 2014. Unsuccessful applicants will get their payments back.

Step 5:If applying online, please ensure that you have your four selected parks and four selected dates, your full party details and your credit or debit card when entering the site at the simple instructions online to make your application. Applications made online are subject to a £2.25 booking fee if successful. For two, three or four people sharing accommodation a Holiday from £9.50 applied for online costs £40.25 (inc. online booking fee) or £49.75 with UK insurance/£66.75 with European insurance.  Five sharing totals £49.75 (or £59.25/£76.25), six sharing is £59.25 (or £68.75/£85.75), seven sharing is £68.75 (or £78.25/£95.25) and eight sharing is £78.25 (or £87.75/£104.75).  If your online application is successful you will be advised within minutes and your credit/debit card will have been debited by UK Holidays in the Sun.


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